DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

Musings&Oats 003

I love, and I mean absolutely LOVE DIY projects where I already have pretty much everything on hand! I can just stay home in my yoga pants (the same ones I put on almost every night after work :/), with a cup of coffee in hand, and just go to town. It’s fantastic, and luckily, it is what I have in store for you today. I saw these a while back on this cute little blog right here. This quick and simple project is perfect for adding little pops of color to your kitchen counter and I am so happy with the way they turned out!

I know some of you have some of those wooden spoons laying around, so let’s jazz them up a bit…shall we?

Musings&Oats 027Musings&Oats 007

Gather up some paint you have somewhere around the house. I could have went to the store to buy some super nice paint, but that would have required me putting on real clothes and trying to look presentable, and plus, I have a ridiculous amount of these little guys and can always find a good use for them.

Musings&Oats 047

Next, grab a spoon and get artsy! To make these little dots I took a Q-tip and “polka-dotted” them.

Musings&Oats 045

Since you will probably be painting them both front and back, you might have to get creative with the way you allow them to dry. I just grabbed some ramekins and set them on those. You could always just paint one side and wait for it to dry and then do the other, if you have the time.

Musings & Oats 002

Once dry, you will need to spray them with some Shellac and Sealer spray paint. I used Zinnser Bulls Eye, which you can find at your hardware store. I decided to tape off my spoons so that I would just spray the painted portion. Once you get done with that, take those babies outside and spray em’ down!

Musings & Oats 009Musings&Oats 005

The spray paint gives them a nice glossy finish and helps to keep that paint in place…and not in your food :)

Aren’t they pretttty?? I think so! Every so often, I start to get the itch to change our little apartment. Thankfully, it is projects like this that scratch that itch for me and also keep me from spending the mon-nay.

The next time you have some down time, or have the urge to change things up around the house, grab your wooden spoons and paint away!!

xo Ashley

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5 thoughts on “DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

  1. I can’t believe we went to church together for a few years (at good ol’ 4th ave) and never got to be friends. You’re super cute. Want to be blogging friends? [I don’t actually know what that means, but I have a blog too!]

    Just wanted to say Hi. Happy Friday!

    Katie [Dodge] Lewis

    1. Ummm YES, I would love to be blogging friends! This makes me happy. I will have to follow you and make it official :) Hope you are doing great! Excited to check out your blog!

  2. Lub you and your craftiness! Your framed “Nashville” art is already hanging in our house, even though it’s nowhere close to finished as both the oven and fridge are currently residing in our living room… your crafty love inspires me and helps me push on with our own projects! Doing this, Pronto!

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