To the Beach!

This summer Nathan and I have been able to travel to so many fun places, and thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we will be heading to one of our most favorite places ever tomorrow! Seaside, FL! We try to make a visit to Seaside every year along with Nathan’s parents and his brother and sister-in-law, and it is always the most relaxing week of the year. We eat good food, laugh a lot and enjoy sitting on our bums the whole week through.

And on a quick semi-mushy note…I am beyond thankful for the friendships we all share (which makes the trip even better), and even more so that I am able to call them my family. God has been really good to me.

With that being said, here are a couple blast from the past shots, which are always fun to look at…

Tons o fun! 011

Back when we were just kiddos

Tons o fun! 004Junior and Senior Year!! 052

Two of my favorites

Junior and Senior Year!! 064Junior and Senior Year!! 054

Life as a Parrish 039The reason I come back weighing more than I did when I left

Life as a Parrish 053Life as a Parrish 056The best other set of parents I could ask for.Life as a Parrish 050031Junior and Senior Year!! 075033He is a nut. And the coolest person EVA EVA. And has the evidence of cheetos on his face.036 027 100_4706Where he put a ring on it.

These pictures make my heart just burst. So many awesome memories. I hope this upcoming week goes by super sloooooooooow.

Until next time!

xo Ashley


3 thoughts on “To the Beach!

  1. Ahhh these pictures remind me of when we were roomies! So many of them used to be up in your room! Miss you Ashley!!!!

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