DIY Painted Napkin Rings

Hello, hello!

Hope you are in a crafty mood, because a craft is what I am bringing to you today :) Something cheap, cute and simple. What more could you ask for? If it is a beautfiul day outside, I strongly recommend making some coffee, gathering up your craft supplies and heading outdoors for your little project. That is what I did and it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

So you probably want to know what we are making. In case you missed the title of this post (oops!), we are making NAPKIN RINGS. Exciting, right? And you get to make them look really fun which then results in a really fun dining room table, so that is pretty cool.

What you need for this little project is a couple of shower curtain rings (I went straight to Walmart and picked up a pack of 12 clear plastic ones), paint colors of your choice (I used Martha Stewart once again), and a paintbrush! All you do is paint a design of your choice onto the shower rings (may need to do a couple coats), and allow it to dry. If you want a shiny finsih you can spray them with a sealer at the end (also helps in preventing paint chipping), which I did, so that might cost you a little extra. Otherwise, it is a pretty affordable project :)

Lately, I have been really into black and white. Like every project I do those are my go to colors. Why? I don’t really know, but I think they are just great. You, though….you go wild with your colors!

I am sure whatever you pick will be just lovely.

Here’s the finished product :)


Love. them.

Happy Crafting!

xo Ashley


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