Musings & oats new

It is good once in awhile to just take a break. To find the quiet in your life again and refocus.

That’s what’s been going on over here the past two weeks, and that is why I haven’t written. I have felt it on my heart lately to be more present in the life I have been given because I have noticed just how easy it is to keep filling my life up with things, that in turn, sometimes cause me to lose focus of what is important. So, I said goodbye. Bye bye facebook. Bye bye instagram. Bye bye blogs. And it was a refreshing two weeks. While I think social media is great (so very great), I have realized that I can get a little too absorbed in it if I am not careful, and that is when it can affect the way I think and feel about things like my life and who I am. I read once that “comparison is the theif of joy”, and I truly believe that. Taking a break for a bit made me feel more present in my marriage, more content with my life and most importantly closer to God. It was just what I needed.

xo Ashley


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