New House Dreamin’

Yep. It’s true!

Nathan and I finally found our perfect little house. After a few nights of running numbers…sooooo maaaannnnnny nuuuuummmbbbbeeerrrsss….we have our first home and could not be more excited!

We had wondered for awhile what to expect when buying our first home. Would we have to settle a lot? What type of feeling would we get when we found it? Would we know it was the one, or have to make some compromises? (This sort of sounds like a relationship). Well let me tell you….we knew. This may sound weird, but have you ever had mind conversations with someone? Because that’s pretty much what was going on between Nathan and I the whole time. We would look at eachother constantly as we toured the house and just knew the other was thinking “This is awesome”. It was such a great feeling.

Needless to say, I’ve been new house dreamin’. Big time. So, I thought I’d share some pictures that caught my eye (thank you pinterest).

Love it. love it. love it.

Simple desk for the seating area

Simple little desk area

gimme gimme gimme. Want some metal color chairs for the breakfast nook OR dining room. Not sure?! and some open shelving on the blank wall next to the cupboards

Colored metal chairs? Yes please!

The gallery wall would look pretty cool behind the couch AND on the little wall right when you walk in

Collage walls will definitely be in there somewhere

Want a large painted pot and plant in our living room. Really like the orange and white one

Painted Planters. Love these so much. Great way to add some pattern and color

Definitely planning on putting one of these in the guest room! Love this idea!

This might be my favorite! A cart for the guest room. What a good way to make guests feel welcomed. Plus, I have plenty of little hotel shampoos and conditioners (they’re free!) to fill it with :/

Would like a smaller version of this type of rug for the kitchen OR a big version for the dining room

This rug. Enough said.

Plant herbs in florist's vases, and then wrap them in a heavy-stock paper, secure with twine, and label for a lovely touch.

Herbs in jars.

I am really hoping our house turns out as cute as all these pictures. One thing I am thankful to Pinterest for is the fact that I feel like it has helped me in developing a sense of “style” when it comes to decorating. Otherwise, I would probably have brown walls with brown carpet and a brown couch. Brown on brown on brown. Just kidding. No, I wouldn’t :) But it has helped tremendously.

I am having a ton of fun decorating our future house. I will keep you posted on when we are actually in!

P.S. If you actually have brown walls and brown carpet and a brown couch, that is totally cool and I am sure it looks just great!

xo Ashley


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