So my birthday is coming up and Christmas will be here in no time (FA LA LA LA LA). Every year around this time, my mom and Nathan start asking what I want and honestly I usually don’t have that many ideas…..until this year. Seriously, I don’t know what is up with me but my wishlist is looong this year. That probably sounds bad considering I have so much already, but it could be due to my new found love for Etsy and all the awesome things you can find on it.  Just sayin. :)

So for all of you who care…which I am going to go ahead and guess is probably not a ton of people…here is my (partial) wish list…


from left to right:

Cutest little camera strap, Vintage maps calendar, new iphone 4 case, initial necklace with an “n” on it, clarisonic for silky smooth skin (yay!), nike compression socks so I can run 1000 miles. Or 2. Subscription to Brichbox and Dinner a Love Story Cookbook, which not only has good recipes but is also perfect for displaying in your kitchen.

A couple of these come from some really talented people on Etsy, so you should definitely check out their shops if you get the chance!

And I’d say that about sums it up! That was fun :)

xo Ashley


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