The Best Week Ever

This may in fact be the best week ever. I have been waiting for this week to happen for the past month and it is here! Not only is it my birthday this week (birthdays are the BEST) but on Saturday, both of our wonderful families will be coming on over to help us move into this little gem!


I KNOW RIGHT?! So in love! Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe how we are feeling. The apartment has been great for the past two years, and there will always be a little place in my heart for it (Nathan laughed when I told him this). But it was our first home together and it holds so many good memories.

I still can’t wait to move though :)

Needless to say this is going to be a very busy week. We have boxes all over and will probably be eating out more than once considering I have yet to go grocery shopping and our table is sitting in a pile on the floor. But it is wonderful and so fun.

xo Ashlely


4 thoughts on “The Best Week Ever

  1. I “know” your feeling about the apartment and have experienced some degree of sadness about every move I have made. It’s the closing of a chapter. I wonder what is in store for the heroine in the next chapter??!! Donna drove Jim and myself by the house when we were in town a few weeks ago.I understand the appeal of the house for you…very homey looking on the outside..looking forward to seeing the inside. Love to both of you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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