Friday Finds

Today’s post is made up of all the things I stumbled upon this week that I am loving and think are great. However, to venture off subject, one thing that is not so great is the fact that we are not in our new house!


To make a long story short, the morning we were supposed to move in we found out that our new roof we had put on was put on wrong. Boooooo.ugh. It was pretty lame indeed, and if I am being totally honest I had some not so nice thoughts run through my head. But what are you going to do? Tis’ life.

Thankfully, we found a new roofer who will be putting on a beautiful and perfect roof early next week, so we should be moving in next weekend if all goes as planned! It has been a crazy ride to get this house, that’s for sure! But all is well, and we will get in eventually :) In the meantime, I will soak up not having to do yard work, living in close quarters with my wonderful hubs and pup, and digging through boxes trying to figure out where we put the plates.

Just kidding on that last one.

But anyways, it’s all good.  Lets talk about those favorites now, shall we? I have quite a few things that I have enjoyed this week, so let me share them with you:

Dinner: A Love Story. Awesome awesome cookbook. Not only is it a sweet story about her life, but it has some yummy and totally do-able recipes in it. I literally spent a whole night going through the whole thing. If you buy it, I promise you won’t regret it.

Brickyard Buffalo. This is an online shop that displays individual comanies and their cute items at DISCOUNTED prices. Yeah! I follow them on instagram and it is so much fun to see what the daily deal is! Plus, with christmas coming up, you will probably want to check them out. This is a prime spot for fun, unique christmas gifts :)

This ab workout. I love to workout but never seem to get around to doing my abs. I have been on a search for a good circuit ab routine for a little while, and the other day a helpful friend introduced me to this one. It is made up of six exercises which you do five times through. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, it hurts but you can do it. Oh, and ignore the extremely huge body building men in the video, I promise you won’t get that big :) This is my most recent discovery and it is a fun one. It is a company based in Los Angeles that has the coolest pieces of unique, vintage furniture. You will most likely get sucked in. Definitely worth a look.

These anthropologie knobs for our future (very future) kitchen renovation. Sorry, Nate, they are pretty girly. But I am in loooove.

And that about sums it up! Hope you have a wonderful Friday. It’s the weekend :):) — Ashley


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