Wrap it up!

Happy week before Christmas!
Pretty sure it has been about forever since I have been on here. And I really have missed it so. Between holidays, travelling, holiday shopping (cha-ching) and moving into a new house (!) there has not been much time for writing/being creative whatsoever. I should tell you though, that we are having a blast being homeowners. It is SO NICE. And God has just been so good to us.

We did our first fix it project this past weekend, on a pretty cold day. It invloved removing the outside doors to replace the weather stripping in order to get rid of the little hole that was letting in freeeeezing air. Exciting, right? And it only took us about 3 hours or something like that:) aaaah….good memories. Other than that, we have just been unpacking and enjoying having a garage and not having to scrape ice off our windshields.
It’s a great life.

And now it is the week before Christmas! I am sure by now you have been searching all over pinterest to find the best and cutest ways to wrap your gifts. And I don’t blame you. Yet another reason why pinterest is awesome. But in case you haven’t decided, I thought I would throw another option your way.


For this project you only need plain gift bags, paint, a piece of foam paper, a cap (I used a paint cap but you could use whatever), glue and glitter (optional). It was such a great afternoon crafting these bags. Make yourself some hot chocolate and light your christmas tree and it will be even better.


giftbag3I used cardboard, but would highly recommend using a piece of foam paper as suggested above. When the cardboard gets wet with paint it tends to start peeling off in layers each time you use it.  :(

giftbag5Glue the cut out to your cap of choice. Paint it. Stamp it all over. Add some glue dots to hold the glitter and voila! You now have this pretty thing.


Happy shopping to those who still have gifts to get! — Ashley

linked up at Tatertots & Jello// http://tatertotsandjello.com/2013/12/link-party-palooza-and-american-crafts-giveaway.html


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