Work It Wednesday


Hump day is here! And I have a special little treat for you today. It is called Work It Wednesday, where every Wednesday (as long as I don’t forget) I will be featuring a new workout for you to try that week.
The area of health and fitness has not always been something I have been excited about. In fact, I went through four years of college probably running a total of ten miles and eating bluecoast burrito and pizza hut like a pro (however, I don’t feel that bad about it because it is college, you know :) ) But thanks to my hubs who loves it and never seems to miss a workout, and my free membership (yeah!) from working at a gym, I have come to love it over the past few years. Challenging myself, setting small goals and accomplishing them and feeling strong are all things I value and look forward to with each workout.
So, whether you hit the gym every day or have never touched a weight, I thought you might enjoy a weekly challenge to give you something new to try! Feel free to modify it to your liking, or keep it the same. Whatever suits you :)

I am so excited about sharing and hope you enjoy it!


400 meter run (.25 mile if on the treadmill)

5 squats with barbell and heavy weight (I did 115 lbs. total)

200 meter run (.13)

11 chest to bar pull-ups (assisted if you need it, like me :) )

400 meter run (.25)

12 Kettlebell swings

That’s 1 round. Repeat 3 times. Try and see how fast you can complete it while keeping good form of course.

You may have to do some trial and error to see what weight works for you.

Good Luck! You’ll do great! — Ashley



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