Work It Wednesday

HS9Hello! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to spend tons of time with loved ones :) We had a great time with both of our families, and I am truly grateful to go through life with these people. However, more on that later :)

I am sure you indulged this past week, maybe once or twice or EIGHTEEN TIMES? (me!) Or maybe you’re incredible at self- control and are able to resist chocolatey goodness around every corner and a giant honey baked ham AND gouda mashed potatoes, in which case, good job! I, however, ate a bunch. But that’s ok…it was delicious. When the Christmas holiday first got going and the get togethers started happenning, I thought surely I could eat like this forever, but now I would like to take that statement back. While it was a glorious week indeed, I have officially hit my wall am definitely ready to get back on track with my eating and working out. So to make up for skipping yesterday, here is your Work It Wednesday. It is a great one that you WILL have to push yourself in. yay!

Work It Wednesday

100’s Workout

100 pull-ups

100 push-ups

//you may have to go to your knees at some point which is fine!//

100 sit-ups (ouchouchouch)

100 squats

 //drop those hips back and don’t let those knees fall over your foot//

Try and see how fast you can complete this. Breaks will most likely be needed along the way. It’s a toughie! Good Luck :) –Ashley


2 thoughts on “Work It Wednesday

  1. It’s so funny that you said at the beginning of the holiday season you were sure you’d have no problem eating all the indulgences of the season…I was like that too! I did indulge, with no guilt, but now I’M DONE. I can feel it in my body that the poor guy just wants a plain old tuna sandwich or an apple or something haha. I have to retrain my body that not everything needs to be hot and crispy and covered in cheese or chocolate.

    1. hahaha!! I am so glad you feel the same way! I had only a millisecond of guilt when I was on my second piece of italian cream cake last night. And then it went away when I took another bite :) And the gym was a doozie this morning, but I just gulped down a blueberry spinach smoothie so I think I am back on track! Enjoy your tuna sandwich! Hope you had the best Christmas!

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