Christmas Favorites

A few of my very favorite Christmas pictures from when we went to nashville (unfortunately, i forgot my camera for the memphis christmas…booo). And yes, I do realize a good percentage of them are food :)


The Pioneer Women’s Caramel Apple Sweet Rolls. MAKE THESE!


These two :)


Dad reading us a christmas story. One of my favorite traditions!


Probably the healthiest thing I ate all week. The green beans. Not the gouda potatoes.


The Workout Mama’s recipe for Blueberry French Toast. It was unbelievable! And I am so excited to officially have a Christmas morning dish :)


Favorite gift from my hubs. Awesome workout tank that you can find here. What a funny guy he is.

It was a perfect Christmas in our first home. Our hearts were full. Our bellies were full. And Jesus is so good. Hope yours was a merry one! –Ashley


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