Happy New Year!


Another year is upon us! So crazy. They don’t lie when they say that time flies. And I have no idea who “they” are, but anyways….2013 was a great year! I remember writing in my journal on January 1st claiming that this would be a year where I refused to make decisions based on fear, or the “Year of no Fear” as my hubs so cleverly dubbed it; and this may have been my best goal yet. You see, I love to set goals. New years is my kind of holiday. But unfortunately, it is rare that I stick to them. However, this past year was different. By taking chances and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I found myself happier and relying on God way more. I realized just how many times fear can hinder us, and just how freely we can live without it. Great year indeed. And since the 2013 goal was such a success I am hoping that 2014 will have the same results.

Now, I went a little crazier this time around. Usually I like to focus on one thing, but this year I am kicking it up a notch to five. Yeah! So without further ado, my goals for 2014:

1.) Learn to use my expaaansive camera

2.) Don’t be awkward in pictures. Seriously. One day I could right a complete blog post on how not to look in pictures. It’s the hands…I have no clue what to do with them! Any advice is much appreciated.

3.) Less comparing, more contentment. Yes, I compare. It is a daily struggle if I am being honest. Clothes, job, hair, talents…all that jazz. But hopefully that changes this year! I want to focus on being content with what I have and who God created me to be.

4.) Plug into service. I want a find a way to give of myself a little more. I know I can serve others day to day at my job and at home and such, but I would love to devote some time each week.

5.) Start making strides toward opening up my own etsy shop. Now, this one is a doozy. I have dreamed of having my own little shop for the past year or two. I have no idea what I will do or sell. All I know is that I love to create, and that when I am creating, I am happy. So I may try and start taking this goal a little bit more seriously. We will see how it goes :)

And that is it! I am looking so forward to the new year and I hope you are too. It is gonna be a great one! –Ashley


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I think I am going to take your statement about not letting fear make your decisions and apply it as one of my goals this year. I really needed to hear that. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

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