The house.

Happy Saturday! Hope your day has been full of sleeping in, chilling out and lots of laughter today. We kicked the day off with some morning yoga, which I really need to work on incorporating into my Saturday routine. I need it desperately. We went and got some yummy lunch and have spent the rest of the day reading and playing some football with the pup in the backyard. A perfect Saturday it has been.
Also, after a month of being moved in, I finally got the chance today to take a couple shots of the downstairs part of our house. We have so many plans for this home, but I really want to remember it right now and be able to look back at it one day when it (fingers crossed) looks how we are envisioning it to!


These are via iphone so the picture quality is meh. Don’t judge. So many changes will be coming that I am looking forward to sharing. I am thinking lots of wood, lots of metals, greys, bright whites, navy blues, burnt oranges and olive greens. Sound good? I can’t wait!! It is like one humongous craft project. yeesh, it’s exciting. Anyways, have a great rest of your Saturday!! –Ashley


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