Work It Wednesday


Ok, so I know I said the last workout I posted was my favorite (I mean, it is in the top three for sure!)…but I think I fibbed just a little because this routine is the one I find myself doing most often. It is fun, fast paced and you can do it all at one station when you are at the gym. This is a huge bonus considering the time I usually end up working out after I get off work is the time when ALL the highschool boys hit the gym. No joke! If you are a highschool boy that is totally cool, but there are just SO MANY that it can be a challenge if your workout involves multiple machines! yeesh. Anyways, lets get a move on with this workout! I think you are reeeeally gonna like it :)

Work It Wednesday

20 barbell bench press

a. 6 barbell squats

b. 6 barbell rows- check this helpful little video out if you want to know what this looks like

c. 6 straight leg deadlifts

Repeat exercises a,b and c six times, resting a minute in between each circuit

15 barbell bench press

Let me tell you…you will be getting in a good workout with this one. It has got your arms, back and legs covered. I hope you get a chance to work this into your schedule this week! Would love to hear if you do! Have a fun Wednesday :) –Ashley


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