On Community

new tort

The other day I was able to take some dinner to a sweet friend who just had thee most precious baby. When we were visiting and she was telling me about how many people had come over and how full her fridge was, I couldn’t help but think about the blessing of community. I am so grateful for friendships. For relationships. For the uniqueness and beauty of each person. To be able to walk through this life with others, to lean on each other and serve one another is such a gift that I sometimes forget about. God is so alive in community. I see it displayed time and time again and am so thankful to be able to witness His goodness.

Just a happy little thought from yesterday. Hope you have an amazing Saturday, and if you are tempted to cook this delicious looking pasta dish (do it.) you can find the recipe on this wonderful blog. –Ashley


2 thoughts on “On Community

  1. This is such a beautiful sentiment! Sometimes people forget how important human relationships are, but when you’re overwhelmed with the ups and downs of life you suddenly realize what a blessing they are. We can’t make it through this life all on our own!

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