Work It Wednesday


Hello friends!

I just need to relish in something real quick if that’s okay….

This is the FIFTH Work It Wednesday I have posted. Hopefully I am not being lame to celebrate this, but I figure why not focus on baby steps, right? When I originally started this a couple weeks ago I thought surely by the third one I would forget to post and this would sizzle out. Super optimistic, I know. But thankfully, writing my WIW each week has become not only something I look forward to sharing, but also something that challenges me throughout the week to try new workouts and come up with ones on my own. It is a win win, really.

So, in honor of the fifth WIW I am going to give you a little 15 minute workout that I have recently discovered and really enjoyed. You would think I would offer up a huge, amazing, super intense circuit or something in order to celebrate, but instead I thought everyone needs a quick, to the point workout to fall back on when they are on their last string of energy. So buckle down, push hard and give it fifteen minutes and you are done :)

Work It Wednesday

250 m row on the row machine

25 squats

Repeat as many times as you can in fifteen minutes…then pat yourself on the back and call it a day! –Ashley


2 thoughts on “Work It Wednesday

    1. haha! Don’t you hate that?! At least you gave it a shot though. And I am not guaranteeing that this won’t fizzle out, but as for right now, we’re good :) Ha I have no idea what I am going to do when I have used up all my workouts though!

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