Pack Your Bags!


Hello friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The weather here was actually really nice, which was a welcomed break from the freezing, bitter, yucky cold. Ick. Nate and I soaked it up. Let me give you a little recap. Date night was Friday night and we travelled to downtown to grab some yummy arepas at this tiny but awesome Venezuelan restaurant. And fun fact….they do salsa dancing some nights for fun in a room they have attached to the restaurant. Maybe one day we will work up enough guts to get our boogie on :) Saturday we made some protein pancakes for the first time! I wouldn’t quite call it a perfect success…there was some trial and error involved for sure, but they were pretty good. We did decide to start a new tradition of trying different pancake recipes on Saturdays, and I am all about traditions AND pancakes so this made me happy! And then there was Sunday…church was great as always, Nate and I went to the track to do some sprints…he may or may not have lapped me :/ and we spent the rest of the day cooking and chilling out. Pretty perfect, I think.

And now it is Monday, and I have received the go ahead to share some pretty exciting news with you from the Parrish house!

In just a few short weeks the hubs and I will be packing our bags to go live in Switzerland for a couple months! Ummmm…yes! I could burst from excitement! We purchased our tickets a couple weeks ago and will be travelling there for Nathan’s work. I cannot begin to describe how grateful we are for this opportunity and how blessed we feel. We used to talk about travelling back in the dating days…and even early into marriage, but were never sure if we would get a chance to. Besides our honeymoon, and I think like one mission trip, we have never been out of the country together, so to be able to do this is amazing.

Things I am most excited about other than experiencing it all with Nate? Well, THE FOOD. yep. Gonna eat it all. Seeing so many neat places. And having time. I am looking forward to waking up and having time to spend in my Bible, to do things I love like this whole blogging adventure, and to really just experience life in a new sort of way. Should be fun!

So if you have ANY tips at all when it comes to travelling, I would love it if you shared! I mean, I kinda need some help. My brain is going cray cray trying to think about what to pack/ where to go/how to ride a train and all that good stuff. Whatever you got, I will take :)

Not really sure how to close this post, except to say God is good and we are thankful and I hope you have a great Monday! — Ashley


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