Work It Wednesday: Tabata

WIWQuestion. Have you all ever heard of Tabata? Or am I the only one? (make that two questions :))

Up until about a week ago, Tabata could have been a spread that you smother all over your bread for all I knew, but then I came across a Tabata Circuit Routine on a lovely blog I follow, and found out that it was not, in fact, a bread spread.

The idea is actually pretty cool. What I really like about it is not only does it not require equipment but all you need is 4 minutes. Yep. Just 4. Although, you can make it longer if you are feeling up for it. After some research, I learned that basically Tabata is categorized as “high intensity interval training” or HIIT. Each round is 4 minutes that is made up of 20 seconds going as hard as you can followed by 10 seconds of rest. You pick a basic move to perform, such as a jump squat, and go through it 8 times through. 20 seconds on. 10 seconds off. For a total of 4 minutes. If you want to add another round of say, burpees, then your total workout would be 8 minutes. Does that make sense?

The one I found by The Fitnessista was so good, lasting about 15-20 minutes and has some strength training mixed in with it. I have done it three times already and love it so! She also has some recommendations that you should read prior to doing the workout. You will most likely be pooped out by the end, but you will feel awesome! Just give her blog a little click and it will take you right to the video! I hope you enjoy! –Ashley

Oh yes, and I feel the need to disclose that I am not certified in the fitness field. Just a girl who is trying to lead a healthy life, and enjoys trying new things and sharing them with you all :) Ok. That’s it.


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