Thrifty Finds

I love antique shopping. I mean really love it. A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I was able to go home for a weekend and hit a ton of antique stores with my mama. The day consisted pretty much of shopping and drinking coffee. Is there anything better? That weekend both of us came across some cool finds that we had to grab, and now that I have brought them home and set them up in our house, I am in loooove.

First up is this guy…


I have big plans for him, too. I had been looking for a bar cart for quite awhile with many failed attempts. So needless to say, I sprinted across the store when I saw this gem, with no concern for who I ran into, and he was mine. I mean, I really felt victorious. Like I had just won a race or something. And then I looked at the price tag. Pure joy.

The next find is a simple one.


Yep. Dried lavender. It adds some prettiness to the kitchen table and smells good too. Double whammy.

And my last find, my mom and I went ga-ga for.



In love! My mom and I feed off each other’s giddiness whenever we shop together. Good for us, bad for our bank accounts. We get each other worked up and have a way of convincing the other that we need this. Well, it worked. And I bought it. And I am glad. I will be showing you what happened with this treasure soon enough!

That’s it for now though! But I am interested in knowing…what was your best antique/flee market find? I am sure there are a lot of good ones out there!

Have a great weekend. –Ashley


10 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds

  1. Hi Ashley, Thanks for the like. I love the trolley, it is interesting to see blogs from different parts of the world. We are based in England on the South coast near Exeter. Lots of antique, charity shops and recycling centres which are often a treasure trove for finds – particularly if one is willing to put some effort and elbow grease in. Keep the bar cart fresh!!

    Have fun,

    1. I know!i have been seeing them everywhere. My mom told me the other day that she got one as a wedding gift when she got married. It’s funny how things circle back around. So glad they became popular again!

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