Pack, Clean, Pack, Drive

pics 007

Well hello blog. I am going to go ahead and guesstimate that it has been about a week and a half since I last visited. With leaving for Switzerland in two days, life has been upside down crazy. You know that feeling when you feel like you are forgetting something? Yeah. It’s the worst. Unfortunately, I have been waking up with that feeling every day. My brain hasn’t worked this hard since college. Days have been spent packing, cleaning, running so many errands and trying to remember everything we need to get before we leave. Not complaining. Just sayin :)

With that being said, blogging hasn’t really been top priority lately. Eh. It’s ok. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things once we get settled over there. (yay!) But to help keep me sane today, I decided to take a sec. to jot down all the things that I can’t wait to do when I get there. As you might have guessed, a lot of them involve foooooood.

In no particular order, I can’t wait to:

Eat crepes in Paris

Eat a macaroon

Go skiing in the Alps

Rent scooters for a day and explore the city

Eat pizza and pasta in Italy (duh.)

Visit the Eiffel Tower

Start a bible study with Nathan

Mornings spent with God and, fingers crossed, a cup of coffee at a little coffee shop

Swimming in the Ocean

Night time exploring after Nate gets home from work

To successfully navigate from point A to point B using public transportation

Extra time to knit

Art museums galore

Grocery shopping at an outside market. And I want to carry a baguette around

And hopefully sneak in a sausage sometime in Germany

Aye yi yi. I cannot wait. I plan on thinking about these things the rest of the day, instead of dwelling on the fact that I just got a ticket on my way home. It’s all gonna be good. –Ashley

Oh and by the way…my blog got yet another facelift! Good news is, I like this one!




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