Feeling Crafty

Guten Morgen!!! EEE! We finally made it to Switzerland, and after a bad case of jet lag, like fall-asleep-in-your-lunch tired, we are getting settled into our quaint little apartment and enjoying Zurich. Especially the views! My goodness, the mountains are so pretty. We got a chance to explore the other day and I plan on writing a whole post (and I am sure 10 million more) in the near future about our first day here. But before I can do that, I was feeling crafty, and remembered that I never shared one of my favorite crafts I was able to knock out before we left.

It was inspired by this lovely post here. I loved the font type she used for the project so much, that I wanted to find different ways to incorporate it in our house. So after some thinking, this beauty was born.

HomesignI absolutely love handmade things. They seem to bring so much warmth and personality to a home AND they are one of a kind. You just can’t beat it. This piece in particular, made me very happy. I had so much fun making it and personally, loved the end result…so much so that the thought of creating an etsy shop centered around it crossed my mind. I’ve got plenty of time in Switzerland to dream about it, so who knows. :)

I must say…I have missed visiting my little piece of the internet lately, but now that we are feeling settled I think I will be stopping by way more :) Pictures of day one will be coming soon! –Ashley


4 thoughts on “Feeling Crafty

  1. Switzerland!!! How exciting! I’m itching to make a big move but with no idea where :P
    I LOVE your “home” sign and wholeheartedly share your sentiment for the handmade. Always THE best way to make a home ;).

    1. You SHOULD make a big move! Maybe even if it is just for a week vacay :) You won’t regret it!
      And thank you! One of the things I miss the most about being at home is not being able to craft! Ha…I don’t know what I will do!

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