First Day Fun

So I am sitting here, in our second story apartment, with our windows open and the light just pouring in through them. Life has been pretty crazy/awesome/tiring/adventurous lately, and I am finally starting to feel some normalcy creep in. Which I am thankful for. We are loving Zurich and life here, and while I do miss friends and family from home, I cannot stop thanking God for this opportunity.

Now I have only been here a few days, but I have a feeling my days here will consist of a lot of grocery shopping, picture taking, street wandering (but not to far because I HATE being lost), coffee sipping and lots of blogging and prayer time. The thing I have found to be surprisingly fun, though, is trips to the grocery store. WHAT?!

I know.

I never thought I would say those words, but I am loving it. You see, everyone walks here. And because they walk, they can only carry so many groceries. Thus, multiple trips to the store are needed each week…or day. I have been grabbing my two disposable bags every morning, making my twenty minute walk, loading up at the grocery store and making my walk back. You have plenty of time to think and people watch on those walks, making it even more fun :) OH, and people love their baguettes here. I am not kidding. The baguette aisle is so busy. But I am determined to start buying one just so I can carry it back with me and feel all cultured.

But enough about grocery shopping.  Lets talk about our first day here! We spent Saturday exploring downtown Zurich with all of it’s shops and views, and had an awesome time! I took a whopping eight photos, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

Switzerland Part 1 edit

Switzerland Part 1 006edit

Switzerland Part 1 005edit

Switzerland Part 1 002edit

Switzerland Part 1 007edit

Switzerland Part 1 009edit

Switzerland1 002edit Switzerland1 004edit

So pretty, right?! And the chocolate was beyond delicious. It really deserves an entire post if I am being honest, and who knows, it even may get one :) Hope you all are having a great Tuesday! –Ashley


12 thoughts on “First Day Fun

  1. When I lived in Paris it was the same way–no big trips to the grocery store to “stock up”. My host mom would get angry if I had more than one or two meal’s worth of food in the fridge haha. But since I love grocery shopping anyway I didn’t mind. Enjoy all the walking and exploring! Everything looks beautiful!

    1. Haha! I know. I am so used to stocking up for the entire week…and usually get annoyed when I have to go back. But it seems much simpler here. You get what you need for the day, and you are done :) I like it! Oh, and you lived in Paris?! I may be coming to you for tips when we travel there :)

  2. What are you doing there? I went to Zurich years ago and took trains through Switzerland and I LOVED it! I am so jealous of people who get to live abroad (although I think there are also downfalls- my friends in Italy get woken up by fireworks at all hours, all the time- how random). Anyway, I just started reading and was curious!

    1. Haha! That IS so random! We are actually here for my husband’s job for a few months….so I am on like permanent vacay for awhile. :) it has been a crazy ride so far….but Switzerland is beautiful and it’s really neat to be able to explore it! So glad you stopped by, Liz:)

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