On Getting Organized

Switzerland1 009edit

I don’t know about you, but I love me some organization. I am all about having a plan. To-do lists are great and crossing things off them are even better, but after coming to Switzerland I was feeling a tad bit off my organization game. No plan. No to-do lists. Work It Wednesday kind of got pushed aside and the lack of arts and crafts stores and a peanut sized kitchen through me for a loop. Needless to say, last week I was starting to realize that I was going to have to rework the blog a little bit.

So, after spending hours doing some mega brainstorming and reorganizing, I am happy to say that I will be starting a few fun things this week, or at least, I think they’re fun :) They involve topics I am loving and am therefore excited to write about. It should be good! And I am feeling organized again. Hallelujah. Hooray. :) –Ashley


4 thoughts on “On Getting Organized

  1. It feels so good to wrap your mind around your week and get it all planned out, doesn’t it? Glad you’re feeling in control again, but even happier that the sense of losing a little control for awhile didn’t turn your world upside down :)

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