Pretty Perfect Weekend

I was trying to think of a word to sum up this past weekend, but I can’t seem to do it. There were just too many great things that happened. During the week it is pretty quiet around here. It’s not a bad thing, but usually it’s just me and my thoughts. So the weekends, along with there noise and adventures and rests for my brain, are always welcomed. This one in particular though, was extra good.

On Saturday morning, we picked up Nathan’s brother and his wife from the airport. It was so good to see their smiling faces and to be able to speak English with people! I was elated :) After a heck of a long flight, and Miriam being 6.5 months pregnant (with our nephew! Yay!) we were definitely banking on them wanting to go and get some rest…I mean the first day Nate and I got here, we were total zombies. Even the things we said, or grunted, sounded like zombie noises. It was bad.

But nope, they were all about exploring! So after we dropped their bags off, we took the walk right into the city and did just that. One of the highlights from that day was visiting the Grossmunster church, which was so very beautiful. We climbed many, MANY stairs to get to the top (I was worried about Miriam, but her and her cute little bump did so good!) and the view was awesome. I seriously could have stayed there all day. We walked around some more until our feet hurt, then headed back, got take out pizza and called it a night.

Sunday we woke up to beautiful weather, got ready and wasted no time heading out. We ventured into Old Town, which may be the cutest place ever. I felt like I was in a movie. Walking the narrow cobblestone streets, looking at all the colorful buildings along the river, and eating our lunch while watching people feed the ducks. It made my heart so happy. We also tossed in checking out the Swiss National Museum (fo free!) and it was not only humongous, but so neat. Oh, and sometime in there an apple strudel was devoured. Yeah, it was an awesome weekend.

Switzerland1 001edit

grossmunster viewedit grossmunsterview2edit miriamnashleyedit Switzerland1 005edit Switzerland1 008 Switzerland1 011edit Switzerland1 014edit Switzerland1 016 Switzerland1 017edit Switzerland1 020edit

There are so many pretty things here! It’s just non-stop goodness :) –Ashley


8 thoughts on “Pretty Perfect Weekend

      1. You’re living there for now! I’m totally jealous! Yep, we stayed right near that area when I was in Zurich. I went there back in 2007 though so it’s been awhile, so I don’t remember a ton of Zurich!

      2. my gosh. you are like a world traveler, I feel like! Zurich has been so neat…but I am also excited to venture outside of it, into other cities of Switzerland. We will hopefully be in Lucern on Friday :)

      3. I went to Lugano when I was there and I loved it! I LOVE traveling! It is my favorite thing ever to do! I wish I could travel more than I have (which is usually once a year). I can’t wait to hear about the other cities! When do you guys leave Europe for good?

      4. We actually leave mid-may. So we definitely have a nice little visit here :) And I’d say that is pretty good if you travel once a year! Too bad it’s so expensive, or else the possibilities would be endless!

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