The Goods on Friday


It’s Friday! I can’t really say TGIF because everyday has felt like a Friday this week considering I have not been working (holla!). No, but really, that is not meant to brag. In fact, I have made the decision to start viewing this blog as more of a “job” (with no income :( ) in order to keep me feeling productive throughout the week. Productivity is huge for me…I need to feel like I have accomplished something each day. Some of you may think I am nuts considering I am in Switzerland and should be exploring it every chance I get…but there is only so much one, who has a mild phobia of getting lost, can explore! I plan on saving the majority of adventure time for the weekends, when Nate and I can go together. ANYWAYS, all that to say that this girl needs to be productive. So with that, I give you The Goods. Since we have a new house waiting to be decorated when we get home, I thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorite (and totally doable) DIY finds from throughout the week that can help make your home a little homier :) Everyone wants that, right?! And personally speaking, I think one of the best ways to do that is to get your hands dirty, because as I have said before, handmade homes are my favorite.

I am hoping this will inspire some creativity throughout your week and that you will enjoy seeing all the good things these clever people have to offer!

This first post is going to be all about pictures! Can’t get enough of them. And while gallery walls are super popular right now (and should be because they are oh so awesome) I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit and share with you some other ways to display your pictures. Have a look…


DIY Photo Clipboards from Love Grows Wild. I was surprised at how easy these are to make! Plan on snagging the idea for my kitchen and you should, too!

goods_picsI am so in love with this neat embroidery hoop picture mobile from Natalme.

So different and unique. The best.


If you are needing a good idea, but on the cheap, this is a perfect idea from LizMarieblog! Seriously. What a simple and wonderful display. And the prints are super cute, which is a bonus.


Maybe you aren’t looking to display your photos on the wall. Maybe you’d prefer some berry boxes scattered throughout the house! Can’t really blame you. ABeautifulMess has done it again :)

And finally, if you are needing a pop of color and happen to have some scrap fabric laying around (I know you do), then you should make this pretty frame from Jane Says.

And that’s it! So many great ideas. Hope you are leaving feeling inspired by all these crafty crafts. Give your home a little pick-me-up this week and try one out :) –Ashley


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