Seeing Switzerland

Oh my my my. Last week was a good one.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law spent most of the week with us, and we had such a great time doing some more exploring. There are just way too many cool things around here. Memphis definitely needs to get itself a mountain or two.

One of my favorite days from this past week was when the four of us rented a car and drove to the pretty city of Lucerne. I had been told by many people that this was one place we needed to visit, and I am so glad we listened to them because they were right!

The views were beautiful. Mountains peaking over the clouds. Cafes and shops lining the river. Buildings full of character…each one so unique. Bridges overlooking the water. Bah! Take me back!:) Prettiest city ever.

Switzerlandmonth2 002edit Switzerlandmonth2 006edit Switzerlandmonth2 011edit Switzerlandmonth2 016edit Switzerlandmonth2 020edit Switzerlandmonth2 024edit Switzerlandmonth2 025edit Switzerlandmonth2 027editHands down, one of the neatest places I have ever been to. All I can think about is how thankful I am we are getting to experience this. A blessing for sure. –Ashley


7 thoughts on “Seeing Switzerland

    1. Oh, that makes me so excited for y’all! You guys are seriously going to love it. It’s beautiful :) I am still learning the ropes around here, but let me know if y’all need any recommendations for anything!

  1. I love your blog! I get so excited to see pictures of people living over in Europe! My friends living in Italy post all kinds of pictures (they go EVERYWHERE over there) and it is just amazing! It would be my dream to be able to go live abroad for a short period of time (I am too Americanized to want to go for TOO long) and I just think it’s so awesome that other people get to live that! Too bad you won’t still be in Zurich in December when we make our way over there!

    1. Haha! I think I am too Americanized, too. 3 months will be perfect for me :) And we are currently planning a trip to Italy, and also trying to figure out where else we want to travel to. Any recommendations are welcomed! Oh, and I am so excited that you get to come in December! Definitely something to look forward to :)

      1. GREECE! I loved Greece SO much! We also stayed in hostels and ended up doing our trip for SO cheap. It was absolutely amazing! We went to Meteora which we really liked, Athens, and then did the islands and the islands were amazing! I have been to Croatia but Croatia is like the Florida of Europe in the summer. There were SO many people there visiting from other places in Europe that it really just ruined the trip. But since it is an off season now, I would actually recommend it. It was really pretty (and we did Plitvice National Park) and I think I would have really loved it in an off season. If you make it out that way, I definitely recommend Plitvice though. It was gorgeous. I have gone to Spain, which was alright. I think northern Spain looks better than the southern area, which was where we weren’t. We went to Barcelona and Madrid, and Madrid was alright. I did like Barcelona. But I’m more of a coastline girl. My friends went to Slovenia in December and it looked BEAUTIFUL and that’s not too far from Switzerland! I’d look into that. I actually am not a fan of Italy at all. I have gone twice and was less than impressed. I did think that the Amalfi coast was pretty and Positano, but the rest of Italy is just kind of dirty. I have heard Venice is awesome and I’ve never been there… This is so long! Sorry! I just like talking about traveling (obviously!)! Those are all the European countries that I have been to :)

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