The Goods on Friday #2

Thegoods2We have made it to Friday yet again! I don’t know about you but the beginning of this week was full of rain, rain and rain. And coldness. Which means a lot of quality time with my friend, Pinterest, many episodes of Friday Night Lights (which I am currently loving and can’t believe I never watched) and lots of reading, organizing, blogging. The usual. But thankfully, the sun has decided to come out and play and the past two days have been beautiful! Definitely can’t complain.

What I can do, though, is show you what all my time spent on those rainy days led to. And that is wreaths. WOAH! I know…this is exciting stuff :) When we get home from Switzerland it will be just getting into summer time. One of the first things I want to do when we get back is paint. Paint it all. Including our front door. I am thinking a light blue to go with the grayish exterior of the house…and when I finish it I hope to smack a big and beautiful (and handmade) wreath on the front of it. So, after a bit of searching, here are my favorites:

wreath_1First up is this beauty, from one of my very favorite blogs, Annapolis & Company. Isn’t it wonderful?! And so fluffy and pretty. I love it!

wreath_4If you are needing some color, what about this one from Everything Etsy… I never even thought about using felt like this but it looks great!


If you have some butcher paper hanging around you should definitely make this pretty thing from AlisaBurke. Definitely. Such a great spring/summer wreath!


Love the chalkboard sign The Crafted Sparrow added to this! The bright colors in this are the best!


Finally, maybe you are feeling something a little bit different. Maybe you’re not a circle girl. Maybe you’re kind of more like a hexagon girl. If that’s the case you should learn how to make one with this easy tutorial from Lines Across! Then you could have a beautiful wreath like this!

So many pretty things! Makes me so very excited for spring time. I like winter, but just for about a week and then I am over it :) Have a wonderful weekend friends! –Ashley


8 thoughts on “The Goods on Friday #2

  1. these ideas for summer wreaths (which i’ve never even thought about!) are so adorable. love the white flowered one by Alisa Burke. great suggestions.

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