The Goods #3// Nightstands

Thegoods2Whoever thought of putting a small table right next to the bed was brilliant. My nightstand is home to probably more things than it should be. Books, a lamp, lotion, pens, bobby pins, iphone, stationary, maybe a bedtime snack, sometimes a ball of yarn for nighttime knitting. Occasionally I think it’s ridiculous how much I can make one little table hold. And then I look to Nathan’s side. Perfectly neat and organized with a clock his watch and his wallet. And then I look back at mine.

No good.

Anyways, I am in major need of new nightstands for a few of reasons:

1. because I have had them since I was in highschool which was like 8 years or something ago. yikes.

2. they have an awful paint job which I attempted to give them before I got married. I tried to choose a more manly grey/blue color to mask the fact that they had engraved flowers on them. Just lookin out for Nate.

3. they have little engraved flowers on them

4. they are pretty small and don’t hold anywhere near the amount of bobby pins I need them too :)

And that sums it up. I figure though, instead of buying them that this could be a problem I could fix with a little DIY magic. So I scouted out some of my favorite ideas and hope to put one to good use when I get home.

thegoods-nightstand1Not only was I so excited about how cute these old wine boxes looked as a nightstand, but I was also pumped at the fact that I found a new blog to love at Lark & Linen! It was a good day :)

thegoods-nightstand2Everyday Lovely nailed it. Stacked suitcases would be adorable as a nightstand. Just run to your local antique store and you should be able to stock up!

Oh, and please notice the yellow bed.

thegoods-nightstand3The Finicky Designer was so smart and made these two guys from an old desk! They turned out great and the best part is, look at how much storage you would have! That should make you very happy :)

thegoods-nightstand4If you are tight on space then you should definitely try out these mounted shelves from Shelterness! Easy to make and look awesome!

nighstand-4Never would I have ever thought about using an old trash can as a night stand! But look how pretty! And I have a feeling you would be the only one of your friends with a garbage can nightstand. I love it so much and am so glad I found it at Fresh Home.

That was a fun post to write! I am so ready to start some DIY projects and am sure I will be able to pick a good nightstand from these lovelies.

Happy weekend!– Ashley


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