a little heads up…

Switzerland1 032edit

There are a few reasons on why this week is going to be lame….in a blogging sense that is.

1. My laptop recently just went all lights out on me….and it can be pretty tricky to write an entire post on an iPad….especially when the finger cramps set in!

2. This one is an exciting reason….I currently just bought my domain after much talking with the hubs! It has been something I have been thinking about doing for awhile now, and since my love for blogging has grown, I figured I would loosen the purse strings just a little :) New beginnings are a wonderful thing. So this week I will be spending a lot of time trying to set up/ get things rolling with the new blog. Unfortunately, this relies greatly on fixing problem número uno.

3. We are leaving for Paris in a couple days!! Oh man. Oh man. I cannot begin to tell you how pumped I am or how many macaroons I plan on eating :) it’s going to be a great trip for sure and I am just so thankful we get to go!

Yep. So that’s that. Lots of good things going on. But I didn’t want to just drop off the (blogging) face of the earth. Hopefully I will be back soon (on my new site)!!! Yay! Thanks for following along!–Ashley


10 thoughts on “a little heads up…

    1. Oh, that makes me so happy that you love Paris that much! Just feeds my excitement! I am so pumped that I am going to get to use some of the French I learned in high school. Although I don’t think “can I go to my locker” will be helpful :)

    1. Oh girl! We did and they were DELICIOUS. all I had talked about up until we left was macaroons, so naturally they were first up on my list of things to try. I could have cried I was so excited! Thanks for suggesting! Paris was fantastic. I can’t wait to blog about it once I get my lame computer fixed :)

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