Saying hello!



Contrary to what you may think, I did not quit blogging. About two weeks ago my computer decided to bite the dust. Woo wee was that a sad day. It’s crazy how much I rely on that thing…and maybe even a little sad? I even thought about (more than once) sneaking into the Mac stores here, and taking advantage of the many laptops lying around to write a quick blog post/ start designing my new website. I decided against that, though, because one, I am not sneaky, and two, I would probably have a panic attack if someone caught on to what I was doing. I may be a little paranoid :)

So I just wanted to stop in and say hello! This little break made me realize how much I do love blogging and talking/getting to know so many wonderful people through it! Fingers crossed that next week I can get back to it….but for now this little post with a picture of these cute macaroons from our trip to Paris, will have to do :) have a great day! –Ashley


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