Drumroll Please…


The new site is up and running! This is exciting stuff over here in Ashley world.
Nathan has spent hours (not exaggerating) trying to fix our computer. Unfortunately, still no luck. BUT he has been lugging his heavy work computer home for the past couple of weeks so that I can work on this new website and start writing some posts. Yay for an awesome husband! He is truly the best.

Most likely little changes will continue to pop up here and there as I learn more about how to do things. a.k.a how to code. It is haaaard.

But so far giving the blog a little makeover has been pretty enjoyable, and after the 97th time designing my header, I can finally say that it is starting to turn out how I had hoped it would.

I cannot wait to get back to chatting with you guys. You’re just really great! I have a lot of adventures to catch you up on. We’ve been to Paris, Florence, Venice, and more Switzerland. It has been quite fun and you may want to prepare yourself for a lot of pictures in the near future!

We have only three more weeks left of living in this wonderful place, and then we will be back in Tennessee. Excited/sad/thankful/bittersweet. Too many feelings pop up when I think about it.

But no goodbyes yet! We still have a trip to London to look forward to. (yeah!) That makes me feel better.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by the new place :)



6 thoughts on “Drumroll Please…

    1. Thanks Rachie! It is pretty cute. And it us cleaned for us once a week, so I don’t even have to do that! Miss you!

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! Building a site was way harder than I thought, so I still have some more to go! Glad you’re following along! It has been a blessing for sure to be here. Have a great day, girl!

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