Paris Getaway

I know! The title sounds so fancy. Like we go on Paris getaways all the time.

I wish :)

But we did venture over there a few weeks ago, and it was fantastic! There is so much to say about Paris. The buildings we saw were beautiful and detailed. Especially Notre Dame. I don’t think it gets much better than that. We spent our days soaking in the sights, walking down the champs-elysees (where we really did feel fancy!), sippin on the best hot chocolate I have ever sipped on, watching the pretty eiffel tower light up at night, and to top it off, Nathan suggested we eat some foie gras on our splurge dinner date. And it was good.  If I wouldn’t have googled what it was before, it probably would have jumped up to great.

I took way too many pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, but I will spare you of those and just give you a handful of my favorites.


notre damestainglasseditbirdmanedit

It was beyond perfect and such a great experience for Nathan and I. It still blows my mind that we got to go there. Such a dreamy place.

— Ashley



6 thoughts on “Paris Getaway

  1. Stunning! What a beautiful city and your pictures are amazing! Seriously, such a dream!!! I am dying to explore Europe someday too! Did you venture anywhere else while you were there?

    1. Oh, i hope you get to!! My husband has been working in Switzerland for the past 3 months so we have been able to visit some places around here, as well as Paris, Venice and Florence. We plan on visiting London, too before we head back. We have had the best time! (and have eaten the best food :) )

  2. I’m really enjoying seeing (stalking) all your lovely photos of your travels! I’m so so jealous. I took French in high school to be different from everyone else who chose Spanish. I continued in college because I didn’t want to forget the beautiful language. Well, let’s just say that I’m still waiting for that day when I can walk down the street and bust out my “skills,” which is quickly fading at this point. Thank you for sharing your memories!

    1. Min….I am SO glad you stopped by and really hope that you are able to put those French skills to good use one day! It really is such a pretty language. I took French in high school as well, and was pumped at the thought of being able to use the LIMITED skills I still had! Pretty sure the people knew in 2 seconds that I wasn’t from Paris. oh well! Thanks for reading along!

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