Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a good mix of both sunshine and rain. Which works out great really, because you have a day of fun followed by a day of rest. We went big for our day of fun, and spent the time driving to Interlaken to go zip lining in the forest, and to explore the city. The zip lining course was self-guided, meaning we got to jump from different courses by ourselves. I told Nathan that maybe this would spark the “adrenaline junkie”  in me, but I am pretty sure it just confirmed the fact that I hate heights. Nevertheless, once my legs stopped shaking and my heart rate slowed down, it was an absolute blast! One of my favorite memories and ways to see some Interlaken beauty.

Sunday was spent cooking our typical sunday breakfast. Oats, eggs and bacon. It’s a real team effort and something I have loved doing together. The rest of the day was spent in time with Jesus, drinking tea and watching the season finale of LOST. Which I understand so much better now, having watched it a second time through! That show is just cray.





I hope your weekends were absolutely wonderful! And hopefully your week isn’t off to a bad start either :) –Ashley



4 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

  1. Interlaken? Really? You live in Switzerland? Loved the photos. They brought me back to the short few months I lived near Bern. I’d go back in a heartbeat if my family felt God leading us there. Country living in Switzerland is like living in a fairy tale. Thank you for stopping by my site today, Ashley. With photos like these, there’s no doubt you’d give that new camera an exciting camera life!

    1. Haha! Really, really! But only for two more weeks! We came here while my husband worked for three months and have been doing some major exploring! And that is so cool that you lived near Bern! You are right in saying it is like a fairytale here. I have never seen anything like it, really. What brought you to Switzerland, anyway?

      And yes, I would gladly put the camera to good use ;) So glad you stopped by, Jelli!

    1. It was definitely one of those moments! Those mountains were pretty legit :) It’s crazy what beauty there is out in the world. I was curious to see if it would look like all the pictures I had seen of Interlaken, and it surpassed them by far. Thanks for stopping by, Lauren! I always like hearing from you :)

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