The Goods//5//Succulents

How do I not have a post dedicated to succulents by now? They are like, the most popular little plants ever.

No green thumb? No problem. These lovelies will last and require barely any attention.

And also, with being so small, you can plant them in just about anything, and the adorable meter sky rockets. My love for them continues to grow with each cute picture I see. Oh, how I love cute stuff.

I am so excited to share with you my very favorite DIY ways to display them! You better believe I am going to use one/or some/ or all of these ways in our home.





Aren’t they all so awesome?! These bloggers are so creative. Hopefully these pictures encourage you to go buy some and get started planting! If you have different ways of displaying them, I would love to know!

Hope your weekend goes by nice and slow, and is just what you need! Nathan and I are off to London in a few hours, so that means I need to muster up the energy to throw some stuff in a backpack!

See you next week! –Ashley


2 thoughts on “The Goods//5//Succulents

  1. Whoa I’ve never heard of these! I wish I had a green thumb but I’m one of those “let’s buy flowers from Trader Joe’s and then when they die let’s go get some more” type person haha. But you’re right these do look low-maintenance…I should look into them!

    1. Haha, friend! Me too! I even managed to kill one of these guys. He just shriveled up and went away, and all I could think was “what the heck?! That’s not supposed to happen!” So killing them can be done, but is highly unlikely :) you should get some of your own! They’re adorable!

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