On Going Home.

Next Tuesday, Nathan and I will be hopping on board the plane to home. Oh my.

I cannot begin to put into words how amazing this experience has been for us, our marriage and our relationship with God. We have been able to experience things that we only dreamed about, have learned to depend on each other even more and have grown together in coming to know the Lord each day. We have been richly blessed, and my heart is full of thankfulness.


On a much lighter note, I made my first to-do list in 3 months, the other day. It was weird. I definitely got a little too used to not having anything on my plate.

Besides the must do things like taking Michi to get his shots, getting my haircut (yes, this is a must do), and going to the dentist, I have been brainstorming some other things that I am excited to do/start doing when we get home.

  • Start the Home Renovations! First to go is that popcorn ceiling. It will be a big task to say the least. Then paint the walls, lay the floor, and paint those cabinets.
  • Yoga. Weights. The gym. While doing our workouts in our little apartment has been sufficient, we can’t help but talk about our excitement to be back at the gym. Yay for being strong again! Boo for barely being able to do push-ups right now.
  • Throwing a dinner party. Hoping to push myself out of my hosting comfort zone.
  • New Specs. Every time I get a new pair of glasses, I always go the cheapest route, and regret it. But not anymore! I need quality, people! Thinking about using the site Warby Parker,  which I have heard awesome things about! (opinions welcomed!)
  • Getting my booty back in the kitchen. I want to baaaaaake. I have developed a slight obsession with all things brunch while being here, so I want to learn to make scones and biscottis and crepes and want to master the best pancakes in the world.
  • Learn to make homemade bread. All kinds of bread.
  • Take better blogging pictures! While moving all your food to the wood floor of your apartment with weird lighting is a blast…I won’t miss it.
  • 21 Day Sugar Detox. Nathan and I have had our fair share of chocolate filled croissants, bakery bread and jars of nutella, and are ready to get back to the grind of eating clean when we get home. I actually can’t wait. Oh, and that baking I talked about earlier? Yeah. That won’t be happening until after this detox.


And that concludes my fun to-do list! I hope you have an awesome Thursday!–Ashley


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