So, I definitely skipped last weeks The Goods post. oops! Sorry, sorry.

But to make up for it, I am going to show you the greatest DIY ideas for the one thing that we all love (or at least I do?). yep. That would be mason jars. These things are so versatile. You can use them for storage, to make gifts, to decorate with, to drink out of…..I mean,  what more can you ask of from one object?!

I am sure you have seen a billion ways to use them, but maybe you will find just one more way from some of these great projects! Oh, and I realize that the mason jar tumbler isn’t really a decoration for your home, but a.) it is adorable and b.)it is basically a decoration for yourself….like an accessory. I definitely plan on making me one!



So many good ideas!
Friends and family may or may not see these under the christmas tree this year :)

Nathan and I are headed to Nashville tonight, to see my fam and be reunited with our pup! I am soooo excited. It is gonna be a great weekend. Hope yours is wonderful, as well! Happy Friday people! –Ashley


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