Not gonna lie, life has been crazy lately. A good crazy filled with many fun and exciting things, but crazy nonetheless. Between looking for jobs, seeing friends and family, picking out paint colors for the house, paint colors for the kitchen cabinets, fixing computers, getting cavities filled (dang chocolate croissants), hairs cut, and finally starting the painting of the cabinets (which I can’t wait to show you!), it has been a full life lately.

Thus, my reason for taking a blogging break. That and no computer. But I am glad to be back. It’s funny how much I’ve come to treasure this little blog of mine. I have loved documenting so many special things, big or small, that have taken place in our life. I am especially thankful for it, after all of our travels. Being able to look back on our adventures, and read about what we ate and the beautiful sights we saw, is such a joy. I love it. I really do.

However, when looking back at those adventures, I realized that I totally forgot to share our London trip on here! London was such a neat place, filled with a great mix of both old and new. We had a blast, and the Westminster Abbey especially blew my mind. Oh, and get this…while we were in London, the Royal Family was in Memphis for a wedding! what are the odds?! So, no royal sightings to say the least.



Westminster Abbey.


Five Guys saved us, when our reservations for a fancy dinner date fell through at 11 pm. And it was delicious.


It was (bloody) awesome. :) Have a great Wednesday!– Ashley


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