Online Shopping//Favorite Purchases

I am really not much of an online shopper. Nor am I much of a mall shopper. I am though, what most people call a Target shopper. And that about sums me up.

However, lately I had been hearing about some awesome online companies that offered not only eye-catching pieces, but well-made and durable pieces. After spending some time browsing their websites, I bit the dust and ordered my first (I think?!) online clothing purchase from a store called Sevenly!



Muscle Tank //Necklace from H&M a long, long time ago

This tank top has quickly become one of my faves. The minty color is so pretty and the material that they used is the softest. I could live in it every day and be a happy camper. Not to mention, the company itself is such a great one! They have new items in the shop every week that correspond with the charity they will be giving to that week. $ 7.00 of your purchase goes to that charity. It’s basically a win-win. Cute clothes and good cause.

Another brand I have been really impressed with is Everlane.



weekender bag// men’s white v-neck

Nathan had been wanting a good weekend bag for awhile now. He will be going on a good number of business trips this year, so it was time to say buh-bye to that gym/weekend bag and upgrade to something a little bit (or alotta bit) cooler. He found this bag on Everlane, at a pretty affordable price, I’d say, and got it for his birthday not too long after. The bag itself is made from thick canvas material, and extremely durable. The leather straps are my favorite part. I also ordered him one of their v-neck tees on a whim, and he loved it! Fit him perfectly and great quality. Pretty sure he had a good birthday.

So many awesome things from these stores. I love a good find, and these are two very good ones :) Happy shopping!



//this was not an ad, just my own personal opinion on some really great products//


2 thoughts on “Online Shopping//Favorite Purchases

  1. I find online shopping a bit tricky because sometimes it turns up being nothing like you expected! Great finds, I love that weekend bag.

    1. I 100% agree! Will it fit me? Should I order a Medium? I can’t tell what color this is….
      It is definitely tricky. But I am glad you like them! The weekend bag is awesome! Thanks for stopping by! Excited to check out your blog :)

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