Making Me Smile.


a bowl full of melon. hello summer.


snacks and brainstorms.


some father-son bonding.


flashy gold nails.


baking in our new kitchen.


job interviews.

shirt- Target//skirt- Forever 21 from last year//belt- Forever 21 way back when.

It’s been a really great week. A lot going on, and a lot accomplished. And now for a few days of a lot of rest. Have a wonderful weekend!–Ashley


4 thoughts on “Making Me Smile.

    1. You are correct about the watermelons. Summer in a bowl. And I have had that outfit pinned on pinterest for awhile now. I tried the whole side knot thing, but it looked like a little nub. haha. And thanks, the interview went really well! Just thankful to have had one :)

    1. haha. it is some kind of heaven! And a whole plate of them is just too good to be true. And thanks about the outfit! I always have a hard time deciding what to wear to interviews, but have found that this seems to be my go-to ensemble :) Thanks for stopping by, jennifer!!

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