Summertime To-Do List

So, yesterday I came across a fun Summer To-Do List on this lovely blog, and just had to do one of my own. I dream about summer all year round, thinking of what I want to bake, make and do once the silly cold decides to high tail it’s way out of Memphis. Not much of a winter fan, here. I would much rather spend my days running around barefoot.

That being said, I am also a big to-do list fan. Cross it out, check it off, and it feels so good. So, let’s combine the two, shall we?

Untitled design

1. Get plugged in, in Memphis. aka: volunteer

2. Bake a pie from scratch. Like this one.

3. Try out some freelance writing

4. Go to the beach often. very often.

5. Get a J.O.B. Finally feeling settled from being back from Switzerland. Now it’s time to do work.

6. Read some good books. One Thousands Gifts and Seven are on the list. More suggestions, please!

7. Play tennis again. The one sport that my husband and I are evenly matched (thank goodness!)

8. A tan is always welcome

9. The house. Yes, the whole house is on the to-do list. furnish, paint and beautify.

10. Sign up for another mud run. We do one every year, and they are a blast!

11. Host a cookout

12. Make these berry s’mores pronto. I mean, look at them!

What’s on your summer to-do list?

Have an awesome day!! –Ashley





4 thoughts on “Summertime To-Do List

    1. Thanks Kloe! You should definitely make one! I am hoping to cross a few things (but all would be fantastic!) off the list!

  1. I like how “The house” is on your to-do list–the whole thing. I know that must entail a lot. “Move to China” is on our summer to-do list and that’s also not really a one-step activity.

    1. haha. yes. the entire house. we are just starting to get our hands dirty.
      and moving to china is quite a large (but super exciting task). Your to-do list sounds fun!

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