Recently Loved Pins.

Pinterest has easily made it’s way into my nightly-wind-down routine, and since we’ve bought this house, my pinterest use has sky-rocketed. I am sure you all can relate. It is a gold mine of good ideas, and this is what I am currently loving.


This gallery wall from live creating yourself


A list of 7 non-toxic plants for your home, from a beautiful mess.


These delicious croissants with proscuitto and gruyere, from alexandra cooks.


This black bathroom from design sponge.


Creamy asparagus, walnut and lemon pasta from Food52.


These good words from take a moment and smile.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Nathan left to go on a business trip today :( But thankfully, my mom is coming into town to stay with me, so it should be a really good girls week! I may be taking a day or two off from the blog to be with her, but I will see you soon!



2 thoughts on “Recently Loved Pins.

    1. haha! Girl, I don’t know. I probably led the most boring life ever. (just kidding) But seriously, I love it a little too much I think. And I agree about those croissants!

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