DIY Easy Wedding Box

We are still currently in the process of moving into our house. A slow process it is, and sometimes I can’t believe the amount of things we have. So much so, that I find myself feeling a wee bit overwhelmed at times.

The need to simplify is real, people. I want to condense, donate, and live simply.

While rummaging through boxes, I was noticing that things from our wedding kept popping up here and there, all at random, no organization to them whatsoever. These are things that are precious to me and that I would like to keep with me for a long, long time. Just like the hubs, who I gladly remind every so often the exciting fact that we get to be together forever. Yay for him! (JUST KIDDING, yay for us!)

Anyways, I figured I would just hop on over to the nearest craft store and stock up on a few supplies that would help me achieve this goal. After a quick 20 minutes of fun craft time, a pretty little wedding box was born, and I couldn’t be happier!


Metallic Gold Paint

White Photo Box

Circular Sponge



You should totally make one! Or make one for your friend! Tis’ wedding season, and I am sure said friend would love it!

Either way, it is a fun way to spend an afternoon if you have some crafting energy that needs to break free. Have fun!


Oh and if you happen to be eyeing that adorable wedding invitation, you should check out this site. One of my best friends, Jill, is super, crazy talented and designs a whole lot of awesome goodies. You should check her out! :)


9 thoughts on “DIY Easy Wedding Box

  1. Ah, this is so perfect! Gold and dots were part of my wedding theme. I’ll definitely do this ASAP! I’ve been wondering what to do with all of the bits and pieces. Thanks girl!

    1. haha! You are so welcome. And I bet your wedding was beautiful because gold is the best :) It’s a great way to keep it all together! Have fun crafting!

  2. I love this idea! I wish I would have made a wedding box. I’m not very sentimental and I’m such a minimalist that I’m not sure If I could found many wedding related items. But I’m totally going to look so I can make a wedding box.

    1. ha! yes!
      I envy your minimalist ways. Living simply is a good thing…. and I bet your house is spotless because of it!
      I hope you’re able to find some wedding goodies and make one. It’s super easy :)

    1. Thanks, Lauren! it was such a simple project! And now I don’t have a bajillion wedding things hanging around the house. Although I probably could have used a bigger box…

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