Weekend Happenings

Oops. This is definitely a day late. Too much painting and grocery shopping going on yesterday.

But it was definitely a good weekend.


My new favorite night time treat-dark chocolate and the best coffee ever//Painting the living room-we are knocking the house out, people-if you are looking for a true light grey go with Sherwin Williams Repose Grey. Looked at roughly 104,398 greys, and this one is the best ever!//Yardsale Saturdays with some great girls-plan on spray painting that beautiful $1 lamp//The best bunless burger in the history of bunless burgers//Weekend workouts-for the past few weeks, Nate and I have been trying a new “team workout” every Saturday-great way to change things up a bit and sweat my booty off.

Hope your weekend was wonderful! –Ashley



4 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

    1. Yay! Thanks Janel! And the burger was DELICIOUS. Nathan made us splurge a little and add some bacon to it, which was a good call on his part :) Glad you came by!

    1. haha. you and me both! they are so much fun n a Saturday morning with a coffee in hand! And thanks for hosting the link-up!

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