DIY Easy Wedding Box

We are still currently in the process of moving into our house. A slow process it is, and sometimes I can’t believe the amount of things we have. So much so, that I find myself feeling a wee bit overwhelmed at times.

The need to simplify is real, people. I want to condense, donate, and live simply.

While rummaging through boxes, I was noticing that things from our wedding kept popping up here and there, all at random, no organization to them whatsoever. These are things that are precious to me and that I would like to keep with me for a long, long time. Just like the hubs, who I gladly remind every so often the exciting fact that we get to be together forever. Yay for him! (JUST KIDDING, yay for us!)

Anyways, I figured I would just hop on over to the nearest craft store and stock up on a few supplies that would help me achieve this goal. After a quick 20 minutes of fun craft time, a pretty little wedding box was born, and I couldn’t be happier!


Metallic Gold Paint

White Photo Box

Circular Sponge



You should totally make one! Or make one for your friend! Tis’ wedding season, and I am sure said friend would love it!

Either way, it is a fun way to spend an afternoon if you have some crafting energy that needs to break free. Have fun!


Oh and if you happen to be eyeing that adorable wedding invitation, you should check out this site. One of my best friends, Jill, is super, crazy talented and designs a whole lot of awesome goodies. You should check her out! :)



So, I definitely skipped last weeks The Goods post. oops! Sorry, sorry.

But to make up for it, I am going to show you the greatest DIY ideas for the one thing that we all love (or at least I do?). yep. That would be mason jars. These things are so versatile. You can use them for storage, to make gifts, to decorate with, to drink out of…..I mean,  what more can you ask of from one object?!

I am sure you have seen a billion ways to use them, but maybe you will find just one more way from some of these great projects! Oh, and I realize that the mason jar tumbler isn’t really a decoration for your home, but a.) it is adorable and b.)it is basically a decoration for yourself….like an accessory. I definitely plan on making me one!



So many good ideas!
Friends and family may or may not see these under the christmas tree this year :)

Nathan and I are headed to Nashville tonight, to see my fam and be reunited with our pup! I am soooo excited. It is gonna be a great weekend. Hope yours is wonderful, as well! Happy Friday people! –Ashley

The Goods//5//Succulents

How do I not have a post dedicated to succulents by now? They are like, the most popular little plants ever.

No green thumb? No problem. These lovelies will last and require barely any attention.

And also, with being so small, you can plant them in just about anything, and the adorable meter sky rockets. My love for them continues to grow with each cute picture I see. Oh, how I love cute stuff.

I am so excited to share with you my very favorite DIY ways to display them! You better believe I am going to use one/or some/ or all of these ways in our home.





Aren’t they all so awesome?! These bloggers are so creative. Hopefully these pictures encourage you to go buy some and get started planting! If you have different ways of displaying them, I would love to know!

Hope your weekend goes by nice and slow, and is just what you need! Nathan and I are off to London in a few hours, so that means I need to muster up the energy to throw some stuff in a backpack!

See you next week! –Ashley

The Goods//4//Welcome Mats

It is a gloomy day here in Switzerland, so I was needing something to brighten the day. For the most part, the weather here has been beautiful. Spring has sprung. The trees are all in bloom, and the allergies are in full swing!

I started The Goods in hopes of not only helping me plan on how to decorate our new home when we make our way back to Tennessee pretty soon, but also to maybe inspire you to get a little crafty! So to lift me out of this gloomy day funk, lets bring on some Spring Fever with some super easy welcome mats. This is an awesome way to add some color and character to your home, and who doesn’t want that?!

Here are a few of my faves…

The Goods4


1. The Crafted Life//2. Curbly//3. White House Black Shutters//4. A Beautiful Mess//5. Clouds of Colour

So much fun and totally doable! (I know everyone out there can at least paint on some polka dots ;) ) They all pretty much scream “Hey Spring!” and “Come On In!”…both of which are always great to hear.
Hope your weekend is beautiful and filled with a whole lotta fun! Happy Friday! –Ashley

The Goods #3// Nightstands

Thegoods2Whoever thought of putting a small table right next to the bed was brilliant. My nightstand is home to probably more things than it should be. Books, a lamp, lotion, pens, bobby pins, iphone, stationary, maybe a bedtime snack, sometimes a ball of yarn for nighttime knitting. Occasionally I think it’s ridiculous how much I can make one little table hold. And then I look to Nathan’s side. Perfectly neat and organized with a clock his watch and his wallet. And then I look back at mine.

No good.

Anyways, I am in major need of new nightstands for a few of reasons:

1. because I have had them since I was in highschool which was like 8 years or something ago. yikes.

2. they have an awful paint job which I attempted to give them before I got married. I tried to choose a more manly grey/blue color to mask the fact that they had engraved flowers on them. Just lookin out for Nate.

3. they have little engraved flowers on them

4. they are pretty small and don’t hold anywhere near the amount of bobby pins I need them too :)

And that sums it up. I figure though, instead of buying them that this could be a problem I could fix with a little DIY magic. So I scouted out some of my favorite ideas and hope to put one to good use when I get home.

thegoods-nightstand1Not only was I so excited about how cute these old wine boxes looked as a nightstand, but I was also pumped at the fact that I found a new blog to love at Lark & Linen! It was a good day :)

thegoods-nightstand2Everyday Lovely nailed it. Stacked suitcases would be adorable as a nightstand. Just run to your local antique store and you should be able to stock up!

Oh, and please notice the yellow bed.

thegoods-nightstand3The Finicky Designer was so smart and made these two guys from an old desk! They turned out great and the best part is, look at how much storage you would have! That should make you very happy :)

thegoods-nightstand4If you are tight on space then you should definitely try out these mounted shelves from Shelterness! Easy to make and look awesome!

nighstand-4Never would I have ever thought about using an old trash can as a night stand! But look how pretty! And I have a feeling you would be the only one of your friends with a garbage can nightstand. I love it so much and am so glad I found it at Fresh Home.

That was a fun post to write! I am so ready to start some DIY projects and am sure I will be able to pick a good nightstand from these lovelies.

Happy weekend!– Ashley

The Goods on Friday #2

Thegoods2We have made it to Friday yet again! I don’t know about you but the beginning of this week was full of rain, rain and rain. And coldness. Which means a lot of quality time with my friend, Pinterest, many episodes of Friday Night Lights (which I am currently loving and can’t believe I never watched) and lots of reading, organizing, blogging. The usual. But thankfully, the sun has decided to come out and play and the past two days have been beautiful! Definitely can’t complain.

What I can do, though, is show you what all my time spent on those rainy days led to. And that is wreaths. WOAH! I know…this is exciting stuff :) When we get home from Switzerland it will be just getting into summer time. One of the first things I want to do when we get back is paint. Paint it all. Including our front door. I am thinking a light blue to go with the grayish exterior of the house…and when I finish it I hope to smack a big and beautiful (and handmade) wreath on the front of it. So, after a bit of searching, here are my favorites:

wreath_1First up is this beauty, from one of my very favorite blogs, Annapolis & Company. Isn’t it wonderful?! And so fluffy and pretty. I love it!

wreath_4If you are needing some color, what about this one from Everything Etsy… I never even thought about using felt like this but it looks great!


If you have some butcher paper hanging around you should definitely make this pretty thing from AlisaBurke. Definitely. Such a great spring/summer wreath!


Love the chalkboard sign The Crafted Sparrow added to this! The bright colors in this are the best!


Finally, maybe you are feeling something a little bit different. Maybe you’re not a circle girl. Maybe you’re kind of more like a hexagon girl. If that’s the case you should learn how to make one with this easy tutorial from Lines Across! Then you could have a beautiful wreath like this!

So many pretty things! Makes me so very excited for spring time. I like winter, but just for about a week and then I am over it :) Have a wonderful weekend friends! –Ashley

The Goods on Friday


It’s Friday! I can’t really say TGIF because everyday has felt like a Friday this week considering I have not been working (holla!). No, but really, that is not meant to brag. In fact, I have made the decision to start viewing this blog as more of a “job” (with no income :( ) in order to keep me feeling productive throughout the week. Productivity is huge for me…I need to feel like I have accomplished something each day. Some of you may think I am nuts considering I am in Switzerland and should be exploring it every chance I get…but there is only so much one, who has a mild phobia of getting lost, can explore! I plan on saving the majority of adventure time for the weekends, when Nate and I can go together. ANYWAYS, all that to say that this girl needs to be productive. So with that, I give you The Goods. Since we have a new house waiting to be decorated when we get home, I thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorite (and totally doable) DIY finds from throughout the week that can help make your home a little homier :) Everyone wants that, right?! And personally speaking, I think one of the best ways to do that is to get your hands dirty, because as I have said before, handmade homes are my favorite.

I am hoping this will inspire some creativity throughout your week and that you will enjoy seeing all the good things these clever people have to offer!

This first post is going to be all about pictures! Can’t get enough of them. And while gallery walls are super popular right now (and should be because they are oh so awesome) I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit and share with you some other ways to display your pictures. Have a look…


DIY Photo Clipboards from Love Grows Wild. I was surprised at how easy these are to make! Plan on snagging the idea for my kitchen and you should, too!

goods_picsI am so in love with this neat embroidery hoop picture mobile from Natalme.

So different and unique. The best.


If you are needing a good idea, but on the cheap, this is a perfect idea from LizMarieblog! Seriously. What a simple and wonderful display. And the prints are super cute, which is a bonus.


Maybe you aren’t looking to display your photos on the wall. Maybe you’d prefer some berry boxes scattered throughout the house! Can’t really blame you. ABeautifulMess has done it again :)

And finally, if you are needing a pop of color and happen to have some scrap fabric laying around (I know you do), then you should make this pretty frame from Jane Says.

And that’s it! So many great ideas. Hope you are leaving feeling inspired by all these crafty crafts. Give your home a little pick-me-up this week and try one out :) –Ashley

Feeling Crafty

Guten Morgen!!! EEE! We finally made it to Switzerland, and after a bad case of jet lag, like fall-asleep-in-your-lunch tired, we are getting settled into our quaint little apartment and enjoying Zurich. Especially the views! My goodness, the mountains are so pretty. We got a chance to explore the other day and I plan on writing a whole post (and I am sure 10 million more) in the near future about our first day here. But before I can do that, I was feeling crafty, and remembered that I never shared one of my favorite crafts I was able to knock out before we left.

It was inspired by this lovely post here. I loved the font type she used for the project so much, that I wanted to find different ways to incorporate it in our house. So after some thinking, this beauty was born.

HomesignI absolutely love handmade things. They seem to bring so much warmth and personality to a home AND they are one of a kind. You just can’t beat it. This piece in particular, made me very happy. I had so much fun making it and personally, loved the end result…so much so that the thought of creating an etsy shop centered around it crossed my mind. I’ve got plenty of time in Switzerland to dream about it, so who knows. :)

I must say…I have missed visiting my little piece of the internet lately, but now that we are feeling settled I think I will be stopping by way more :) Pictures of day one will be coming soon! –Ashley

Thrifty Finds

I love antique shopping. I mean really love it. A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I was able to go home for a weekend and hit a ton of antique stores with my mama. The day consisted pretty much of shopping and drinking coffee. Is there anything better? That weekend both of us came across some cool finds that we had to grab, and now that I have brought them home and set them up in our house, I am in loooove.

First up is this guy…


I have big plans for him, too. I had been looking for a bar cart for quite awhile with many failed attempts. So needless to say, I sprinted across the store when I saw this gem, with no concern for who I ran into, and he was mine. I mean, I really felt victorious. Like I had just won a race or something. And then I looked at the price tag. Pure joy.

The next find is a simple one.


Yep. Dried lavender. It adds some prettiness to the kitchen table and smells good too. Double whammy.

And my last find, my mom and I went ga-ga for.



In love! My mom and I feed off each other’s giddiness whenever we shop together. Good for us, bad for our bank accounts. We get each other worked up and have a way of convincing the other that we need this. Well, it worked. And I bought it. And I am glad. I will be showing you what happened with this treasure soon enough!

That’s it for now though! But I am interested in knowing…what was your best antique/flee market find? I am sure there are a lot of good ones out there!

Have a great weekend. –Ashley

The house.

Happy Saturday! Hope your day has been full of sleeping in, chilling out and lots of laughter today. We kicked the day off with some morning yoga, which I really need to work on incorporating into my Saturday routine. I need it desperately. We went and got some yummy lunch and have spent the rest of the day reading and playing some football with the pup in the backyard. A perfect Saturday it has been.
Also, after a month of being moved in, I finally got the chance today to take a couple shots of the downstairs part of our house. We have so many plans for this home, but I really want to remember it right now and be able to look back at it one day when it (fingers crossed) looks how we are envisioning it to!


These are via iphone so the picture quality is meh. Don’t judge. So many changes will be coming that I am looking forward to sharing. I am thinking lots of wood, lots of metals, greys, bright whites, navy blues, burnt oranges and olive greens. Sound good? I can’t wait!! It is like one humongous craft project. yeesh, it’s exciting. Anyways, have a great rest of your Saturday!! –Ashley